Getting out of a slump- Part 2

Ok, so after a few days of de-slumping I have realized a couple of things that genuinely made me feel like I was snapping out of it: I realized that the reason I felt so tired and gross was because I am 100% catching a cold! That was actually amazing news because I thought I…

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Finals Week

Hey guys! So I was going to pump out some crappy little posts about my life but I honestly have to take these finals lol. Lets take a pause, re-group, and get back together next Monday. I will see you then!

On Grit

I was reading this article and it said to write down the top ten qualities that you value. I typically never do these things because honestly they seem kind of stupid and I never really learn anything, but I did this one because it was a slow day and I was a bit bored. So…

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Life Update

Hi guys! I thought as the school year is winding down I would give everyone a little update on whats going on with me right now! If you don’t want to read all of this the bottom line is that I am doing very well! Work I recently accepted a full time job at an…

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Move In Day!

Hey guys I am moving in to my apartment today! Thank the lord! I just wanted to take a day to get my life together so there won’t be a traditional post today! If you still are craving some mstaylorphillips posts here are some links to some previous things I bought for my apartment: Things…

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Cuyana Tote Bag Review

I have been searching for a new tote bag for a long time. I had a long list of things that were important to me because I use my tote bag every single day. My list included: Nice light neutral color Light colored interior Structured enough to carry a laptop/camera Preferably an interior pocket Long…

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Collectively- 04.27.18

Summer is supposed to be easy breezy, right? So because I am currently suffering through finals studying and wishing I was ANYWHERE else, here are some easy pieces that will get you through summer that are currently in my basket at Jcrew! This Shirt  This Skirt  This Graphic Tee  Shoes Have a Better Weekend Than…

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The Best Cupcake In Georgetown

Heres the thing, I don’t really feel the need to argue with people about much, but if there is one thing I am willing to throw hands about it’s what is the best cupcake in Georgetown. I don’t know when this happened but cupcakes and Georgetown kind of go together, like peanut butter and jelly,…

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