Apartment Tour- Living Room

This is the moment you have all been waiting for! You have seen countless posts about purchases I may or may not have made, inspiration photos galore, and an all around annoying amount of information. So I moved in about a month ago and I finally have all my crap together so it is time…

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What I’m Reading This Week

I read! I try to read. I don’t know why reading is the end all be all in terms of being a fulfilled human being. I agree that reading for sure stimulates your brain and is good for you (this is all VERY scientific), but I do believe that for some people they simply just…

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I was listening to a TED talk (a new morning habit of mine) and this one was particularly unsettling. Maybe it was because I often like listening to TED talks, but I don’t usually fully identify with them. But this one really slapped me across the face haha. So let me sum it up for…

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Getting out of a slump- Part 2

Ok, so after a few days of de-slumping I have realized a couple of things that genuinely made me feel like I was snapping out of it: I realized that the reason I felt so tired and gross was because I am 100% catching a cold! That was actually amazing news because I thought I…

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Finals Week

Hey guys! So I was going to pump out some crappy little posts about my life but I honestly have to take these finals lol. Lets take a pause, re-group, and get back together next Monday. I will see you then!

On Grit

I was reading this article and it said to write down the top ten qualities that you value. I typically never do these things because honestly they seem kind of stupid and I never really learn anything, but I did this one because it was a slow day and I was a bit bored. So…

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